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A Little History

’n Bietjie Geskiedenis

Ein bißchen Geschichte

Television Producer


The Bekker children Louise, in front, with her five siblings.

Die Bekker kinders Louise, voor, met haar broers en suster.

Die Bekker Kinder Louise, sitzt vorne, mit ihren fünf Geschwistern.

Yearly days


Louise with Haas Das and Piet Muis.

Louise met Haas Das en Piet Muis

Louise mit Haas Das und Piet Muis.


English biography
Afrikaans biografie
Duits biographie


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Main Awards

Seven Artes Awards for best Television programmes (equivalent of Emmy)South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Unima Puppet Award for best contribution to puppetry in South Africa.

Prix de Jeunesse Award, Munich, 1996 for Kideo.

Tokyo International Award for innovation, Kideo.

Golden Plume Award for her contribution and excellence from the South African Broadcastng Corporation.

La Rochelle Girls' High, Paarl, national level award for Outstanding Acievement (2010)

Two Star Tonight Awards, Star Tonight newspaper, for director of Liewe Heksie as well as director and creator of Wielie Walie and Haas Das.