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This series of novelty board books with wipe-clean pen and fold-out pages, teaches children basic concepts with the help of Louise Smit's most iconic characters from the well-known TV-programs Wielie Walie and Haas Das. Learn everything about opposites with Haas Das and the animals from Diereland. With fun activities, easy games that you can play at home and even a news flash or two, it is easy to learn!

In die reeks kartonboeke met skoonvee-pen en uitvoubladsye leer kinders basiese konsepte ken saam met Louise Smit se bekendste karakters. Hul leer alles van kleure saam Sarel Seemonster, Wielie Walie se geliefde monster van die see. Met lekker oefeninge, maklike speletjies om by die huis te speel en ’n eksperiment of twee, is dit pret om te leer! 

Bennie Boekwurm vertel stories 

Wielie Wielie Walie

Bennie Boekwurm lives deeply under the ground in the Wielie Walie Park. In his little tunnel house he keeps many, many story books. What Bennie loves most of all, is to read stories to children. In this lovely illustrated book, Bennie tells four exciting new stories: There are Japie the little monkey, who has to search for his mommy. Tokka the naughty gnome, Mimi the philosophical ant and the worm, who does not like getting up early.  
Sarel Seemonster, Karel Kraai and all their buddies live in the Wielie Wielie Walie park.The old group get a new friend, Wagga Wagga Kwag. 

other books published

Louise Smit is a prolific writer of children's books. She published more than 22 books. Many of them are based on the characters of her television programmes. Her books are best sellers and the early Haas Das books are now collector's pieces. She also wrote The Bible for Children in 1982 and 2002 a new edition of The Bible for Children appeared. A new book Professor Fossi en die Dinosourusse was published in 2004. On public demand she wrote two new Haas Das books: Haas Das se Nuuskas (2006) and Haas Das raak weg (2007).

Haas Das en die gemaskerde wonder  Haas Das en die kerriebeker  Haas Das en die operasie  Haas Das kom laat
Haas Das kry verkoue  Haas Das en die drie ou diere  Haas Das en moeder raaf  Haas Das se dinge 
Haas Das vertel    Haad Das se nuuskas  Haas Das raak weg 

Above the earlier series of early Haas Das books (only a few shown) and illustrated by Butch Stolz, then chief animator at South African Broadcasting Corporation, Television and the Haas Das books, illustrated by Fred Mouton (Haas Das se Nuuskas) and Tanja Joubert (Haas Das raak weg).


Main Awards

Seven Artes Awards for best Television programmes (equivalent of Emmy)South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Unima Puppet Award for best contribution to puppetry in South Africa.

Prix de Jeunesse Award, Munich, 1996 for Kideo.

Tokyo International Award for innovation, Kideo.

Golden Plume Award for her contribution and excellence from the South African Broadcastng Corporation.

La Rochelle Girls' High, Paarl, national level award for Outstanding Acievement (2010)

Two Star Tonight Awards, Star Tonight newspaper, for director of Liewe Heksie as well as director and creator of Wielie Walie and Haas Das.