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Kwela kuier

On TV with Coenie de Villiers, anchor Kwela TV program on MNet, during the launch of the Haas Das DVD. below Prof. Fossi DVD's

wielie wielie walie & haas das

(left) The Wielie Wielie Walie DVD is the latest item produced by Louise


(right) The Haas Das DVD were part of her first attemps at "going it alone"


Professor Fossi jam packed with adventure!

Many years ago Louise Smit and her daughter, Corneli Smit, (then but a child) visited the Sudwala Caves. Outside the entrance to the caves, Dinosaur models, to scale, were displayed in all their glory While Louise was examining the three-horned Triceratops her imagination took flight. Slowly but surely an original story started to form. As it did, so she told it to her daughter and that is how the eccentric but loveable Professor Fossi came into being..... 

Professor Fossi en die Dinosourusse: The German Palaeontologist visiting the Dinosours (in Afrikaans).


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 Three DVD's are available, all with a strong story line.

  • No 1: Die reis na Dinosourusland (the journey to Dinosourusland)
  • No 2: Steggie Stegosourus red Professor Fossi en sy vriende (Steggie Stegosourus saves Professor Fossi and his friends)
  • No 3: Tracie Trikeratops in die pienk grot (Tracie Trikeratops in the pink cave)
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Main Awards

Seven Artes Awards for best Television programmes (equivalent of Emmy)South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Unima Puppet Award for best contribution to puppetry in South Africa.

Prix de Jeunesse Award, Munich, 1996 for Kideo.

Tokyo International Award for innovation, Kideo.

Golden Plume Award for her contribution and excellence from the South African Broadcastng Corporation.

La Rochelle Girls' High, Paarl, national level award for Outstanding Acievement (2010)

Two Star Tonight Awards, Star Tonight newspaper, for director of Liewe Heksie as well as director and creator of Wielie Walie and Haas Das.