louise as television producer

Louise Producer

Proud Mother

Louise gave Karel and Sarel life as two friends in the Wielie Walie Programme.

some of the programmes created and produced by louise

Wielie Walie: Karel Kraai, Sarel Seemonster, Bytjie, Bennie Boekwurm, Wagga Wagga Kwag, Meend die Eend (in Afrikaans). A playroom series (running 18 years).

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Haas Das se Nuuskas: Haas Das and Piet Muis, Koning Leeu, etc. (in Afrikaans). Rabbit with flashy ties reading news from Animal Land.

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Mina Moo and Co: Mina Moo (a loveable cow), Bac and Teria (the naughty guys), King Mick, Micka etc. (in Afrikaans and English).

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Professor Fossi en die Dinosourusse: The German Palaeontologist visiting the Dinosours (in Afrikaans).


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Pumpkin Patch: Woofles the security dog, Speckles and Freckles, the cousins from the country, etc. (in English). All the adventures of a community in a little town.

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Kideo: Kideo is a joyful children's program filled with fun. Louise received the Tokyo International Award and Prix de Jeunesse for Kideo.

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more programmes

  • Pieriewieriepark: 26 episodes.
  • Telesix: A magazine programme for pre school children (in English)
  • Tumi: A little boy living with his loveable grandparents and all his experiences.
  • Ziki Zikombot: A robot Ziki Zikombot and Professor Galaxy taking children on trips into space.
  • Kabarete Ya Poone: Cabaret of the Corncobs (in Sotho, SetTwana, Pedi, isiXhosa and isiZulu). They sing and dance indigenous songs.
  • Snap, Crackle and Pop:A series for Keloggs Corn Flakes.
  • Zap Mag: Magazine programme for teenagers. First programme in South Africa presented by children (in English).
  • Takaneng: Presented by young Batsesane Magelemele.
  • Eko-Boffin: Magazine programme for teenagers on nature conservation. M-Net. (Presenters: Vusi Twale, Tessa van Staden.)
  • Mulwana la Mmutla: A rabbit, owner of a theatre. Moletsi Nakedi, a skunk playing a honkytonk. Lots of fun.
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Main Awards

Seven Artes Awards for best Television programmes (equivalent of Emmy)South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Unima Puppet Award for best contribution to puppetry in South Africa.

Prix de Jeunesse Award, Munich, 1996 for Kideo.

Tokyo International Award for innovation, Kideo.

Golden Plume Award for her contribution and excellence from the South African Broadcastng Corporation.

La Rochelle Girls' High, Paarl, national level award for Outstanding Acievement (2010)

Two Star Tonight Awards, Star Tonight newspaper, for director of Liewe Heksie as well as director and creator of Wielie Walie and Haas Das.